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Pellematic Smart_e 0.6

Pellematic Smart_e 0.6

Generate your own electricity at the right time, in the right place and in particular for optimal coverage of your own power consumption.

Long running times of the system -to cover the base load power and with minimal feeding into the public grid- are the most economical and most efficient.

These are the findings of the first pilot plants.

For this reason, with the 0.6 version in particular, the following should be achieved:

A high self-consumption rate of the electricity generated and a heating system perfectly suited to single-family households.

By reducing the thermal performance to only 9 kW, longer run-times in the transitional period are possible and the daily yield of the system will be increased to a maximum. On colder days, or at times of high heat-demand, the system switches to a higher power level. Therefore, base-load and peak-load boiler performances can be achieved with one single device.

Advantages of the PE Smart_e 0.6:

Perfectly adapted to the household needs

- Long run-times for a high coverage of the own electricity needs

- Flexible power adjustment due to new control concept: peak-load and base-load burner in one device

- High own consumption rate possible (70-90%)

- Fast start times of the Stirling engine by optimal material tuning

- Retrofit option: buy the boiler today, adapt the Stirling module tomorrow

More details will follow soon...


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