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ÖkoFEN meets Qnergy

ÖkoFEN meets Qnergy

Competent partnership between ÖkoFEN and Qnergy

After the good and promising experiences with our previous projects for producing electricity and heat for single-family households, it was a logical step for us to start another projects in this field targeting higher performance levels, such as those needed for industrial and large buildings, schools or apartment buildings.

Therefore, a new project especially addressed for applications with a thermal capacity of about 50-60 kW was started. In future it should be also possible to supply larger commercial buildings and residential complexes with both heat and electricity.

After the first meeting and following discussions regarding a possible common development project, the cooperation with Qnergy was officially started in late 2013. It took quite a while to turn the Qnergy’s Stirling engine combined with a pellet boiler into a functional model. Several hours of designing and mental work were necessary until the very first prototype for the test bench was built. In fact, the project was really started last August when the Stirling engine finally arrived in Lembach. 

Together with Nir GurArye and Alex Illiescu of Qnergy the first prototype was started. The tests actually exceeded our expectations: The perfect project start confirms that we are on the right path.

Countless tests runs, continuous gain of experience and lots of run-time hours are still necessary before a final implementation concept could be applicable and a final prototype can be built.

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