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Heat and Power from wood pellets at German headquarters

Heat and Power from wood pellets at German headquarters

Right before starting the heating season and the very cold winter months the first Pellematic Smart_e in Germany was put into operation in the headquarter building near Augsburg. From now on the Pellematic Smart_e provides beside heating electricity for the low-energy (office) building. Additionally this unit is also available for training purposes.

Before the first power-generating pellet heating system is getting to be installed in test-households in Germany the system should be tested in the own building first in order to gain practical experiences and to prepare perfectly for the pilot phase of the planned Pellematic Smart_e systems in Germany. Since the installation and the very first start-up of the Pellematic Smart_e in Germany there is a lively exchange of experiences and information between the engineering department in Germany and Austria.

Also this cogeneration system is monitored closely and all the relevant data is recorded and weekly analyzed to gain as much experiences as possible. The monitoring of the first installed systems is very important to gain various experiences and to learn as much about the behavior of the total system when for example settings are changed.

In Mickhausen the Pellematic Smart_e will operate as a base load boiler in order to gain as much experience and running hours as possible, within a very short time. As a result it is possible to draw conclusions over several years of practices in a single family home within a few month. Pictures of the assembly and the initial start-up of the Smart_e - together with Lothar Tomaschko and Beate Schmidt (CEO OkoFEN Germany) - can be found in the picture-gallery below.


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