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Independent as an island solution

Independent as an island solution

An important event at our test benches in our facility: The first electricity-generating pellet heating system, which is operated completely independent of the public electricity network, was successfully started. Without a power supply and only be equipped with a battery system and inverter, the Smart_e not only supplies completely itself, but also provides electrical energy, which can be used for other devices.

This is an important step for us, that the Pellematic Smart_e can also be used in remote areas where no public power is available.

In addition, this also increases the failure safety: in the case of a (longer) public grid failure, you do not have to freeze – the Smart_e can allows the opportunity to supply heat and electricity for on-site use too.

The requirement for this operation generating pellet heating system is a battery storage unit and an inverter, which also manages the battery.

More flexibility in area of application of the Pellematic Smart_e and a higher independence are the great advantage of an operation without the need of the public electricity grid.

Especially in the case of island solutions, we would like to gain further experience in the future as well and further testing this solution at our in-house  test stands.


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