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First electricity-generating pellet heating system in operation

First electricity-generating pellet heating system in operation

Pellet micro-CHP system went successfully in operation in Lembach, Austria.

On December 5th., 2012 was an historic day with the commissioning of the  Stirlngmotors by the newly built pellet heating system of Mr. Willi Hopfner, our first ÖkoFEN_e test pilot. ÖkoFEN CEO, Herbert and Stefan Ortner, did not miss the chance to put personally the first operating system in operation, and watched how the first power generating heating system went trouble-free to the grid.

For two years, the technicians of the ÖkoFEN_e - Research and Development department, have been working together towards this moment. The goal -to incorporate a Microgen Stirling engine for power generation in a pellet heating system- has now been achieved. Following intensive trial bench tests, the first system in the house of Willi Hopfner is now in operation.


Besides the technical challenges, it is a big organizational task to bring the first system to the grid, said ÖkoFEN CEO Herbert Ortner. €žWe have really done something that have already been tried unsuccessfully for many companies before us. We are proud of this important step and our fanstastci team!

About the system and about the field test pilot Willi Hopfner:

The Pellematic Smart_e provides up to 14 kW of thermal output and 1 kW of electrical power and supplies also a 600-liter buffer tank. (see further details here). In addition to the micro combined heat and power system and a 20 m² solar thermal system, a 800 liter storage tank has been installed to optimize the running times. The power consumption in the House of the Hopfners will now be covered mainly by his own-produced electricity. The excess electricity will be fed into the public grid.

Willi Hopfner always has been one of the pioneers when it comes to the use of renewable energies. When ÖkoFEN still produced wood chip heating systems, the Hopfners have been among the first customers. Today, next to the wood boiler they use also the power of the sun and produce with their own photovoltaic system electricity for their house. 

We are pleased that the first field test system is in operation and we will inform you here about ongoing results!


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