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Second pellet plant in the field<br />

Second pellet plant in the field

Yet another commissioning of a power-generating pellet heating

On February 11th. 201, the second field test facility - this time in a new building - was commissioned. Thus, there are now two Stirling engines fueled with wood pellets, in operation at the grid of the Austrian power enterprise Energie AG. This further pellet heating with integrated Stirling engine garnish the basement of the new building of ÖkoFEN CEO Stefan Ortner and will also be responsible for the heating of about 200 m² living space in addition to power generation.

In addition to the hot water supply by the use of an integrated fresh water module, the Pellematic Smart_e will also fed the low-temperature heating system available in the whole building. Due to a calculated heat load of approximately 10 kW in the house, the boiler thermal performance of the Pellematic Smart_e was reduced to achieve longer running times of the boiler and to optimize the performance of the Stirling engine.

Also this house will set on ecological power generation in a near future: It is planned to extend the system with a photovoltaic system. Thus, would be also possible in summertime, when the running times of the Pellematic_e are low, to supply the household with electricity.


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