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Energy Star Prize 2013 goes to Hopfner family

Energy Star Prize 2013 goes to Hopfner family

Excellent Energy pioneers:
Energie Star Prize 2013 goes to Hopfner family

120 projects, from single family homes, public and commercial buildings, to technological innovations and 60 school projects, were submitted for this year's Energy Star award. The Upper Austrian Energy Prize honors the best energy solutions in the country. Particularly those projects that save energy, and combine energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

In the category "pioneers" the family Hopfner - our first field test customers - convinced the jury with their home that is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Already in 1981 a solar thermal system was installed and since 1990 a wood chip system provides the heat for the house. In 2010, in order to build their photovoltaic system, the family Hopfner even bought an extra a neighboring property.

In December 2012, the ÖkoFEN electricity-generating pellet heating was installed, which also generates electricity from renewable energy when there is no sun.

The family Hopfner is keen to consume the electricity that it is produced from plants in the house. In terms of mobility, they rely on alternatives with its own electric car and electric scooter.

The winners Vroni and Willi Hopfner were visibly moved and were very happy about the award - a little recognition for their years of effort in energy efficiency and conservation in their home.


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