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First power-generating wood pellet boiler in commercial operation

First power-generating wood pellet boiler in commercial operation

In total the fourth field test facility was installed in organic market garden

After the field test was launched in late 2012, in the spring of 2013, an organic market garden with the seat in Engelhartszell/Upper Austria was obtained as a field test partner.

After the inventory on-site the Pellematic Smart_e was built in our R&D department in Lembach and customized to the requirements of the heated warehouse of the organic market garden. In future, our power-generating pellet heating supply the organic market garden "Klarlbau" with heat and green electricity.

After the final assembling and the successful testrun in the headquartes, the - in total fourth field test facility - power generating wood pellet heating system was supplied directly to Engelhartszell. Stockenhuber family , the owners of the organic market garden "Klarlbau", recieved the field test system with joy.

A Felexilo compact fabric tank supplies the Pellematic Smart_e fully automatic with wood pellets. A few months ago wood chips were used to be stored in the storage space. The hydraulic integration into the existing heating system Hopfner family is prepared. In both floors of the family house , the heat is distributed with a low temperature system ( floor heating).

The hydraulic connection of Pellematic Smart_e is completed - all necessary pipe lines are laid . In addition to the storage volume of the Pellematic Smart_e of 600 liter 800 liter of a buffer is combined, and also be integrated in the system. The Stirling engine is still inserted and the cabinet with control and disconnection device mounted . For the first commissioning of the fabric tank is manually filled in order to test the complete system can . The commissioning of the CHP system , nothing stands in your way !


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