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ÖkoFEN goes for GOLD

ÖkoFEN goes for GOLD

In the course of a major ceremony recently the Austrian Environmental Technology Prize "Daphne" was awarded in Vienna. ÖkoFEN_e was awarded the Austria-wide gold price.

Ecologically important innovations have been awarded in the Vienna Tech Gate Center

For the total of 28 Time the technology price Daphne was awarded this year. Recognizing the achievements of internationally active Austrian environmental technology companies the prize is awarded annually since 1985. Eligible are Austrian companies that have developed outstanding environmentally friendly products and processes or offer ecologically sustainable services. The project "ÖkoFEN_e" was awarded in this context with the first prize the "Daphne" in gold.

But not only the project ÖkoFEN_e emphasizes the future-oriented mindset of ÖkoFEN: Beneath our wood pellet boilers o
ur buildings, energy supply, efficiency and ecology contribute significantly to decrease CO2 emissions. So all company buildings were built in low energy construction using ecological building and insulation materials.

Course, is to heat the company buildings with the latest, highly efficient wood pellet heating system and the use and generation of renewable electricity is very important to us: Besides the power from its own hydroelectric plant, the PV system and the power-generating pellet heating is - if a specially produced current is insufficient - only pure green electricity purchased. This allows the use of 100 % ecologically produced electricity in all company buildings.

Thanks for the award - we are excited!


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