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Upcoming pilot projects

Upcoming pilot projects

The coming weeks will not be quiet here at the ÖkoFEN_e project. Until the end of the year further pilot plants will be delivered and taken into operation. Soon, green electricity from wood pellets will be produced beyond the Austrian borders.
By the end of this year, additional pilot-systems will be installed at selected customers in France and Italy. One pilot system has been already delivered to Avise, in Italy, just on time before the end of the year and before the first anniversary of the pilot-phase.
In addition to our international plans, in the coming weeks also in Austria further pilot systems will be installed and taken into operation. Until the end of the year we will try to implement as many as possible pilot systems in order to obtain the best practice experiences along the coming heating season.


The latest Smart_e news, reviews and pilot systems information will be posted here and on ÖkoFEN_e-Facebook-Seite site.

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