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(e-)ready for the Stirling engine

(e-)ready for the Stirling engine

Prepared for retrofitting

Still not 100% sure wheter the own pellet boiler should also generate electricity? - No problem! The e-ready package, which can be simply ordered to the Pellematic Smart or the Pellematic Condens, allows to easily retrofit the Stirling engine in the future and to enable the in house electricity production.

This makes the retrofitting of the Striling engine simple, fast and unproblematic possible, since the most important interfaces for the later upgrade for power generation are already included in this package. Whether hydraulic components or controller interfaces, the pellet boiler is ready for later refitting and so all options can be left open for future. This feature will be available from autumn 2017 on the Pellematic Smart or Pellematic Condens up to a boiler capacity of 14 kW.

The e-ready package enables house owners to make themselves step by step independent of fossil fuels. At first, only a renewable solution is used to heat the house, the electricity production can be easily retrofitted by a Stirling engine later on. Apart from the generation of heat with a CO2-neutral fuel material the required electricity can also be used for directly on site in a family’s home. In addition to the heat for hot water and the heating of the home, the electricity-generating pellet heating system also supplies green electricity to cover the electrical demand.


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