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First pilot system for base-load boiler operation mode installed

First pilot system for base-load boiler operation mode installed

In August 2013 the second field test facility in the network of Linz AG was installed and successfully commissioned in Perg, Upper Austria. The Pellematic Smart_e supplies now -also during the transitional period- the household and the business locations of the EP electrical company Pühringer.

What makes this ÖkoFEN_e pilot system interesting is that the Smart_e is used as base load boiler. This means that in addition to the existing heating system -a 50 kW pellet boiler- the Pellematic Smart_e will supply also the retail and commercial buildings with heat and electricity.

The already existing pellet boiler is used as peak load boiler going into operation only when the heat output of the PE Smart_e is no longer sufficient.

One of the advantages of using the PE Smart_e as base load boiler is, among others, the longer running-times. Due to a longer and continuous running-times of the Stirling engine, a higher electricity yield can be achieved.
As with all other field test Smart_e systems, the electricity generated by the Stirling engine in this installation is mostly used to cover the own consumption -only the excess electricity generated is fed into the grid of Linz AG.

By a variety of operation scenarios such as in corporate buildings, private one-and two-family houses, etc, and also as base-load boiler or sole heat source, can be obtained with all pilot systems the best practice experiences. For us, it is especially important to test out with the pilot projects the different possible situations of use and application.


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