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Third field test facility goes to the grid

Third field test facility goes to the grid

Field test facility for convincing pellet heater

Manfred Fröschl is installer since 1990 and since the beginning of his professional activities relies on renewable energy. The house with 350 sqm total area was already heated by his parents with logwood and since 2003 with a pellet heating system. In addition, it uses a solar thermal system with 28 sqm for hot water.

Two photovoltaic systems with five and ten kWp produce electricity from solar energy since 2011. The electricity of new electricity-generating pellet heating is used primarily tocover their personal needs. For Manfred Fröschl it is important to focus on regional energy sources. "With the new system, I'm one step closer to the targer of being independent from the electricity prices" he said convinced.

About the system and about the field test pilot number 3 - Fröschl Manfred:

The Pellematic Smart_e provides up to 14 kW of thermal heat and 1 kW of electrical power and is willing to cover the electricity consumption in the home by the family Fröschl in the future. The excess electricity, which is not required at the time of power generation will be fed into the public grid.

The existing prior to the installation of the Pellematic_e, heating system is left: a logwood boiler with 26 kW thermal output and a 28 m² solar thermal system supply together a 2800 liter storage tank for the hot water and heating of the house. Now this system has been supplemented with the Pellematic Smart_e. The wood boiler now starts at peak hours only, if the Pellematic Smart_e not sufficient as sole heat source.

Even before the installation of the pellet power plant, the generation of electricity from renewable energy was written large in this house: Since 2011, a 5 kWp photovoltaic system is operated for personal use cover, which was extended by a further 10 kWp in 2012. The generated green power of 10 kWp photovoltaic system is entirely fed to the grid - the 5 kWp are used to cover own needs, especially in the summer months. In the winter months especially the power-generating pellet heating is now to provide a large part of the electrical energy for the multi-family house.

The decision to participate in the field test was for Manfred Fröschl easy, since he is always open to new ideas and innovations in the field of renewable energies. In particular, convinced him another opportunity to be more independent from rising electricity prices and to operate in the winter his own electricity generating plant.


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