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More pellet electricity for Mickhausen

More pellet electricity for Mickhausen

The Pellematic Smart_e has been tested in Mickhausen since two years. In December 2016 additionally the Pellematic e-max has been installed and successfully commissioned. 

Especially large operating buildings – such like the company building in Mickhausen (Germany) - provide the optimum conditions for the practically testing of the Pellematic e-max. A lot of heat is required in winter time and the electricity generating pellet heating can be operated as a base-load boiler. The peak load is also covered through a conventional pellet boiler, i.e. if the thermal power output of the e-max is too low, this boiler will provide additional heat.

Large buildings, which have a high heat requirement, usually also have a correspondingly high electrical base load, for example for machines, light, e.g. in a hall, computers and servers etc. That’s why the majority of the generated electrical energy can be used directly in the facility in Mickhausen.

A nice application for the practical test of the Pellematic e-max. Our German colleagues are also very pleased with the new system and will test and report their experiences regularly.


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