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Small electricity generating pellet boilers also provide a high amount of power

Small electricity generating pellet boilers also provide a high amount of power

To replace a large power station, countless Pellematic Smart_e would have to be installed. The fact that the contribution of small-scale pellet boilers for providing green electricity is not negligible is shown by our latest evaluation: we have considered how many family houses could be supplied by the electrical energy of all already installed Pellematic Smart_e systems for a whole year.

The fact that self-sufficiency is theoretically possible with the Pellematic Smart_e that is not disputable. From a practical view, however, electricity autarky only makes sense in combination with a battery store and a photovoltaic system. This is the only way to ensure that the generated heat is used in house and has not to be cooled away during the summer months because, as in summer time photovoltaic will generate most of the in-house needed electricity.

Nevertheless, with the generated electricity of all of our pilot installations approx. 127,500 kWh could be generated - still environmentally friendly and directly at the place of use. With this amount of energy a small village could already be supplied with electricity for a whole year. A total of 54 houses! Or a total of 2,173 light bulbs can be illuminated at the same time. Or which is a more interesting fact – 2125 Tesla electric cars can also be loaded with the whole energy, which was generated with our Pellematic Smart_e’s.

This is already a good start, but we find it is still expandable - that's exactly what we will care about 2017!


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