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Condens becomes Condens_e

Condens becomes Condens_e

Flexibility for the future is the top priority for ÖkoFEN. For this reason, we have been testing the Condens with electricity generation for several months - with a lot of success. In  future it will also be possible to retrofit a Pellematic Condens to a Condens_e easily and without any problems. This allows us to offer the possibility to upgrade a standard pellet boiler like the Condens with a Stirling engine in future.

In fact it will be highly efficient to produce not only heat but also electricity in the future with this boiler. The Stirling engine from Microgen is used – the same which is already used in the Pellematic Smart_e. Up to 1 kW electrical power can be  provided.

Right now The Condens_e is not yet available and there will still be some challenging months in the development department to finalize the concept. The next important step is the type test of the Condens_e, after the successful completion of the prototype test.

And who knows how many Condens_e will be able to start the practical operation this year? It will be an exciting year and we will of course keep you up to date!


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