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Electricity with Pellematic e-max for France

Electricity with Pellematic e-max for France

In October 2016  the first Pellematic e-max in France has been installed in our ÖkoFEN regional center in St. Baldoph.

In order to be able to adequately test the large electricity producing pellet heating system, a Pellematic Maxi has been exchanged through the Pellematic e-max in the heating container, which is installed in front of the company building and supplies the building with the needed heat. Before the e-max has been installed the Pellematic Maxi has been supplying the building with heat out of pellets for years.

Now the heat supply is secured for the future by the change to the electricity generating pellet boiler. As an additional benefit also green electricity from pellets is now available for the use in the company. This electricity, which is produced from the Qnergy Stirling engine, which is integrated into the Pellematic e-max, is available for use directly on site.

The Pellematic e-max is designed to collect many hours of running time e and generate many kWh of green electricity as it is installed as a baseload boiler. Only when the thermal power of the Pellematic e-max is no longer sufficient another pellet boiler will be put in operation to additionally supply the needed heat.

This control concept allows that the Pellematic e-max is operated as long as possible and that the electrical output is on its optimum.

We are looking forward to the gained experience and also the exchange of experience with our French colleagues!

Die OekoFEN Techniker aus Oesterreich und Frankreich bei der Inbetriebnahme der Anlage. Zweiter von rechts ist Thomas Perrissin, OekoFEN-Geschaeftsfuehrer in Frankreich. Die Pellematic e-max vor der Installation in der Heizzentrale am OekoFEN Firmengelaende in St. Baldoph, Frankreich. Uebersicht ueber den Pelletronic Touch Regler waehrend des laufenden Betriebs des Stirlingmotors.


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