ÖkoFEN_e references

The self-sufficient family home makes all owners happy. We have compiled a selection for you of

realized projects that shows you the variety of possibilities. Let us give you some inspiration for your own ÖkoFEN_e project.



Family Seebacher


„Because my grandchildren should

find a livable world.“


With this conviction, the Seebacher family opted for a pellet heating system years ago, which covers the heat demand of the single-family home. The environmental friendliness and the independence from electricity suppliers plays a major role for the family. In addition to the 3.7 kWp photovoltaic system, a new pellet heating system with a Stirling engine was purchased. The electricity from renewable sources is now available for home use and the "refueling" of the electric car for the whole year.



Family Brommer


„Green energy by conviction“


Family Brommer from Stuttgart (city in Germany) supplemented their photovoltaic system with the pellet heating system "myEnergy365" in 2017 and have since been using 100% renewable energy. For the "man of conviction" an obvious consequence, because Mr. Brommer focuses on progress and forward-looking concepts too. Because he has been driving a Tesla for years.




Family Van Wonterghem


„We are happy to finally live without nuclear power!“


In Kuurne, Belgium, business manager Ludwig Van Wonterghem and his wife Ann have fulfilled their dream of energy freedom. The Pellematic Condens_e with integrated Stirling engine has been in operation since November 2017 and has been supplying 100% renewable energy ever since. The family has always attached great importance to sustainability and independence and for this reason the innovative pellet plant has not been connected to the grid since it was commissioned. The entire energy requirement is generated on site.




Realized projects


On this map you will find all the reference systems that have been installed so far. The yellow marked are electricity generating pellet heaters, the green marked are pellet heaters with e-Ready package. These customers have the option to retrofit the Stirling engine for power generation later.


This overview shows very well that many people in Europe already rely on sustainable heat and self-generated electricity and strive for more energy freedom.



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